School Holiday Program Laidley
Fun and learning for children aged 5 to 12 years
Our Approach to Vacation Care

Our School Holiday program is all about making new friends and having fun!

Your child will make friends and learn new skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.

With a mix of fun, creative and engaging in-house experiences, we’ve taken care of everything, including all meals.

So be quick and book now. Places are filling fast!

All Inclusive & Extended Hours

School Holiday Program: 
Includes all activities and healthy and delicious meals. Eligibility for government financial support.. 

Holiday Care Hours: 

Laidley School Holiday Program

Included in program daily:
  • Delicious and healthy lunch plus morning and afternoon tea
  • Learning languages (Japanese & Spanish
  • Mix of fun, educational and creative in-house activities

Monday 21 September
Activities Today:
  • Choose a book from our library to read
  • Making rock cake biscuits
  • Visiting Narda Lagoon and assessing what they can see
  • Drawing what we see at the lagoon
  • Acknowledgement of Country

Tuesday 22 September
Activities Today:
  • Singing songs and telling stories about our camping
  • Cooking Damper for afternoon tea
  • Building a tent and a fire with role play camping trip
  • Obstacle course, Swings, Bike track
  • Acknowledgement of Country

Wednesday 23 September
Activities Today:
  • Writing a story about what we saw
  • Ipswich art gallery 
  • Going to Leichhardt park and playing
  • Use the digital cameras to take photos of our day
  • Acknowledgement of Country

Thursday 24 September
Activities Today:
  • Puzzle day
  • Celebrity head game 
  • Create our own jigsaw puzzle 
  • Movie day Watch spy kids
  • Outdoor play

Friday 25 September
Activities Today:
  • Go to the park and count the number of animals
  • Ice experiment adding colour to ice
  • Ice skating at acacia ridge ice skating
  • Use the digital cameras to take photos of our day
  • Acknowledgement of Country

Monday 28 September
Activities Today:
  • Introducing our favourite books
  • Baking a muesli slice
  • Experiment Using our beakers and microscope
  • Looking after our resident chickens
  • Creating a bowl using air dry clay

Tuesday 29 September
Activities Today:
  • Brain teasers: Multi-level brain challenge
  • Artistic drawing draw our impression
  • Popcorn and movie
  • Outdoor Play at Leichhardt park
  • Acknowledgement of country

Wednesday 30 September
Activities Today:
  • Cooking day Making our lunch
  • Microscopic organisms  from the garden
  • Creating a herb garden for our chickens
  • Creating our own little toy by sewing 
  • Make your own game!

Thursday 1 October
Activities Today:
  • Narrative writing telling our day by writing
  • Exploring the indoor playcentre
  • Illustrating our narrative of the day
  • Biggest chipmunks in Australia 
  • Acknowledgement of country

Friday 10 October
Activities Today:
  • Reading our favourite books
  • Making our own tacos for lunch
  • Mexican dress up day
  • Movie day Watching Coco
  • Outdoor Play Soccer game with our friends

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