School Holiday Program Tinana
Fun and learning for children aged 5 to 12 years
Our Approach to Vacation Care

Our School Holiday program is all about making new friends and having fun!

Your child will make friends and learn new skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.

With a mix of fun, creative and engaging in-house experiences, we’ve taken care of everything, including all meals.

So be quick and book now. Places are filling fast!

All Inclusive & Extended Hours

School Holiday Program: 
Includes all activities and healthy and delicious meals. Eligibility for government financial support.

Holiday Care Hours: 

Tinana School Holiday Program

Included in program daily:
  • Delicious and healthy lunch plus morning and afternoon tea
  • Mix of fun, educational and creative in-house activities
  • Learning world languages

Monday  29 June
Activities Today:
  • Writing letters to Aged Care residents
  • Investigation using interactive white board
  • Science experiment fun - what will we explore today?
  • Picnic lunch and playground exploration at the park 
  • Creating a maze for our guinea pigs to explore

Tuesday  30 June
Activities Today:
  • Cooking afternoon tea with Miss Amanda
  • Dramatic play activity - doctors surgery
  • Tie dye art experience using white T-Shirts
  • Movie day with popcorn
  • Writing letters to Aged Care residents

Wednesday  1 July
Activities Today:
  • Colour wheel and colour mixing investigation
  • Science experiment fun - what will we explore today?
  • Children source a dance routine to learn together
  • Take photos and design your own scrapbook
  • Investigating our local wildlife on a bushwalk

Thursday  2 July
Activities Today:
  • Creating playdough models of the children’s choice
  • Dramatic play: Doctors surgery
  • Practising our dance routine
  • Planning and creating a challenging obstacle course
  • Enjoying popcord and a movie together

Friday  3 July
Activities Today:
  • Children create reflections of their week
  • Build your own lego creation
  • Science experiment fun - what will we explore today?
  • Children perform their dance routine
  • Bring your bike or scooter with you for the day!

Monday  6 July
Activities Today:
  • Researching a recipe to cook
  • Cooking: Afternoon tea with our Chef
  • Create objects from our recycled and loose parts
  • NAIDOC Week: Learn about Indigenous culture
  • Create our own pots using clay

Tuesday  7 July
Activities Today:
  • Select a book to read from our centre’s library
  • Create own own plaster of paris moulds to make
  • Participate in a variety of messy sensory experiences!
  • Children will paint their clay pots
  • Children work together to develop a yoga routine

Wednesday  8 July
Activities Today:
  • NAIDOC Week: Learn more about Indigenous culture
  • Create objects from our recycled and loose parts
  • Build your own lego masterpiece
  • Plaster of paris project: Pouring into our moulds
  • Electronic colouring in as a group

Thursday  9 July
Activities Today:
  • Plaster of paris project: Painting our creations
  • Taking photos of wildlife in our yard
  • Outdoor play: Make your own game!
  • Build your own Lego masterpiece - continued
  • Learning about Indigenous culture

Friday  10 July
Activities Today:
  • Create a reflection of the week through writing
  • Creating playdough models of the children’s choice
  • Science experiment fun - what will we explore today?
  • Enjoy popcorn and a movie together
  • Children work together to create a yoga routine

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